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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My budding roses!!

I love nature (who doesn't?), but seriously I was a part of a nature club when back in school n college days. Our leader was a true nature lover. He use to tell us that he can understand the language of plants/trees/birds etc. And I have seen him talking to the trees/plants. He was very sensitive abt the nature and environment. I lost touch with him over the period of time and also lost the touch with the nature.
As projects he use to give us some seeds or small plants to plant them in pots/gardens and see the development. I use to deeply observe the growth everyday and every minute. I use to water the plant with the scene in front of me that the plant is practically drinking the water from roots. But as I said losing touch with nature has made me lose the understanding of the plant growth as well.

The reason of such a big story is one of my dear friends gave me a beautiful red rose plant for my birthday, and one more rose plant was given to me by my dear hubby on valentine day.Now it has become my duty (which i love of course) to keep those plants alive and nurture them. Fortunately I have been successful in keeping them alive and getting some new buds on them as well. Everyday I observe them and see what they need. But one thing that I noticed in both the plants is that the buds those blossomed after I got those had a faint colour on them as a full complete flower, and the flowers that were already there on the plant had dark respective colours. I do not know the reason for this change. Is it that it is not getting proper sunlight or water? As for water I am maintaining the soil texture as required, as for sunlight I cannot help much as due to this winter season its not possible to get sun everyday!

Does anybody have any idea why this might be happening!...I don't want to give up on my plants rather looking forward to plant a garden coming spring n summer!!

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