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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Battle of two minds!!

"Boredom is a sickness the cure for which is work" yes I know that.I feel boredom is nothing but a lousy feeling. A feeling of laziness a feeling of emptiness. Today I was driving to my gym for a great and invigorating exercise. I had a fantastic workout schedule in front of me, but also had this lousy feeling in my mind. I wanted to but still not wanted to go to the gym. We have this experience many a times that we want to do something and yet we are lousy about it.I know I must exercise in order to keep me fit and running, make me feel fresh all the time. And I WANT to do it, not forcibly but by my will. And then why is there this lazy feeling, why is there this lack of drive sometimes?

This made my thinking process a bit longer and I started venturing inside me. I peeped within myself and tried to search where this unwanted feeling was sitting. My eyes were rolling internally all over to find that one spot which I wanted to get rid of. I have a lot of big list in front me of the things I want to do, I want to achieve and be proud of. I really want to enjoy all those things in my life and accomplish them for me. But then THIS feeling creeps in and there is no scope for me to do the things. I drag myself for daily chores and mundane routine.
My alert and active mind is always ready to take up new tasks and finish them and be happy with them. Reading all those inspirational books makes my alert mind more alert and wants to be one of those stories. But other mind which we call as is a bit laid back and not ready to work. So it makes me to think why does this not-so-great mind takes over the charge of my life and works things according to its will. My body acts just the way this not-so-great mind wants.And where is my brain at that time? Is my brain hypnotised my this evil mind during the process of no-progress. And where is this good and alert mind during this whole idiotic show?

I do wonder where from this lousy feeling creeps into my mind/body/brain? when do I allow this to happen? What am I busy with when this unwanted feeling or so called emotion plays with me? I kept thinking, how does this happen that I forget the feeling of excitement and makes myself feel bored. I don't want to be lazy,I do not like it. I like and love to be extremely busy enjoying every piece of my life, every activity I do and make most of my life outstandingly precious. 10 years down the line when I look back I want to see just the happy and satisfactory graph of my life. I know this, but for that I need to be on toes right now...then why this lazy feeling follows me many a times.....

I understand that I cannot pick up this feeling and pull it out of my mind/brain.....but I need to replace it with the feeling of enthusiasm, feeling of motivation, feeling of excitement ...but how?

I kept on thinking..and finding for an answer...but still left u go through this kind of situation in your life...then please let me know the answer if u are aware of one....