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Monday, March 7, 2011

Morning Vibes!

A sunrise, day break,may it be sunny, may it be foggy, may it be rainy or it be snowy. I always observe one thing when I go to drop my daughter to school. Whenever I am at the red light and all the cars passing by there are so much morning vibes in the air. I feel the vibes and the air filled with the people around.

I see different scenes like every person in the car. Some are talking on the cell, some are singing, some are listening to the radio,some are talking to each other, some are sipping coffee, some are managing with the kids. But there is one common thing in each ones case, and that is morning rush, morning chores, or morning fever. May be they are busy with the activities they need to do, but I think most of them are thinking about the day ahead. Will we be on time for office, ohhh this traffic, today's meeting, today's news, today's market, today's lunch and thoughts flow till today's dinner.

I like to observe these people and feel nice to see that each one is so busy and so occupied, I mean at least I feel so. The air is full of liveliness. Everybody getting ready nicely, dressing up decent, fresh faces and inviting fragrances. Ohh these mornings are so active, so energetic I love it.

Well I also need to get active and feel off to gym..vrommm!!

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