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Monday, May 30, 2011

Burning midnight oil for past month. Focus is only on books and exercise.
Tried T.Shaun workout today ! Amazing feeling and great freshness after long sitting hours for studying.
At times I gotta listen to my body who NEEDS her fuel.....aka workout! :)

To feel keenly the poetry of a morning's roses, one has to have just escaped from the claws of this vulture which we call sickness. ~Henri Frederic Amiel

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting that extra hour....

"Early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy wealthy and wise"...a popularly know phrase and so very on the tip of the tongue. But today when we see around its just not the case.

Today's world unlike earlier age, is so fast and so very full of unpredictable events, so lot to do in so less of time. Its very overwhelming that we need to take classes for time management now. How did our ancestors never did such classes? Because their lifestyle was different we would say. They never had to run to catch a train/bus to the office to be there on time. They had good time in the morning to have their breakfast and then go out to work.

When we are aware of these facts why not peep into our own lives and see whats happening? General lifestyle today speaks of long working hours, late night out, sleep ins and then rushing of to work with 'on-the-go' breakfast. Now where is the time management in here? My thoughts started wondering, what do all successful people do to stay on track and make more success than us. I was reading a book where I came across a reference to Anil Ambani by his trainer. Inspite of being such a busy person never miss his workout and much needed breakfast before starting his schedule. So how does he do that?????...He gets up EARLY! Then haunted, I started reading about all successful people and their routines. And one common thing I found was, they all get up early on weekdays and weekends as well.

That extra hour in the morning makes us feel so collected and gathered that we can plan a whole lot for life ahead. The vibes in the morning are so pure and un-contaminated. Brain is fresh from sound sleep and can work to the fullest. Taking healthy breakfast and working out early charges up our body to its full capacity. And that is how we stay on track the whole day. And every day counts to make a big success.

Now that's one success formula which we can surely implement in our lives. Can't we?
YES WE CAN!!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Music has no language barriers!!

Music, when this word comes to mind we are intended to think about different types music has, different patterns, different instruments world wide. Also what comes to mind is fusion. Music is beautifully blended in various manner, different ways. But what would we say when an artist so called foreigner to other world of music who plays it just flawlessly! Yes I am talking about the experience I had while attending one of the mesmerizing concerts yesterday.

I had an opportunity to hear to Pandit Ken Zuckerman the sarod maestro. This western name blended with pure indian classical stringed instrument sarod. Pandit Ken Zuckerman is a dedicated disciple of legendary sarod master Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. I was totally in trance while he was playing for almost three hours. Those three hours full of wonderful pieces and heavenly moments drenched me completely to the core. He was accompanied by amazing tabla by Anirban Roy Chowdhary.

Ragas played by him were Madhuvanti, Madhumalati, Bhop Maand, Gorakh Kalingra, and many more. My heart strings were pulled melodiously for the entire time during the concert and continues to do so till now....what a harmonious experience and so much to cherish. My heartfelt thanks to the artists and all those who made it possible to make such an event reach my ears!!