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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips to stay Alive!!!!

Well now now..reading the title would make you think that I might talk about life and death, the ultimate truths of life. Well you certainly are wrong. My thoughts about tips to stay alive are really the tips, some suggestions to make our life more colourful, more alive. Yes, we are alive as we breath every single second of our life..though not consciously.

Living life just because we are not dead is not living at all according to me. As per my opinion living life to its full capacity in whatever we do is really living. Things we do during our entire day or life are many a times those that are needed to be done. Like working to get some money, and which is not wrong. Going to school because we should know certain things to be successful in future....even if we might not. Breathing just through nose and not being conscious whether our lungs are getting any fresh air or not...though they are the ones essential for we being alive.

The point here is, mundane activities are there for sure, but why not add some spice to them and make them like tasty dishes that make us look forward to enjoy.

My brain produced some ideas which I try doing so that I never feel bored or stale. You also can go ahead and try these things and can surely add some tips of yours to this a give and take!

1) Breath consciously at least five breathes every couple of hours. This will help lungs to get the fresh energy and make us more active. This is one form of meditation which is easy to follow for those who are beginners for the concept of sitting at one place closing eyes..they feel like yogis...unnecessarily... :)
2) See and observe any colourful thing daily, may it be a beautiful painting, may it be nature around, may it be window shopping especially summer /spring clothing that displays fabulous colour range on the mannequins.
3) Listen to the mesmerizing tunes of music, any kind of music that soothes you down. Listen to the birds chirping at dawn. Listen to a water body making tingling sounds while flowing.
4) Appreciate at least one person every day, do it personally. Tell him/her how much he/she means to you. Convey how he/she is of help to you. See, its always give and take...give a single kind word to everyone and you will get tons of them back...your day is sure made!
5) Thank God heartily for your wonderful life, loving people around...and if by chance you have nasty people around even then thank God as he has send them as your final examination paper...result is on the way :)
6) Watch kids play, yours or others! See how kids work., how they handle things..and there is lot to learn.
7) Prepare delicious food for self and family. Cooking sure is one art of winning hearts. It is rightly said " the way to man's heart is through his stomach". Wont you be happy when served with mouth watering delicacies?
8) Read something everyday. Anything of your interest, could be a biography, a novel, newspaper, a report (well not medical report ;)) i meant a financial report or an economic report.
9) Take a stroll when weather permits, go biking, wander into nature...she loves you.
10) Note birthdays, anniversaries, all special days of your loved ones, family and friends..send them warm wishes..they would be happy to know you care for them...seeing happy smiles on their faces would multiply your joys.
11) Learn something new..there are lot many courses free of cost around us....don't you believe???? here is the list..learn-to-smile-everyday-when-you-get-up class, a course in pampering ourselves with something everyday, a short course in greeting people coming across, a class for taking a trill when you are happy, study guide available in the form of friends who provide you answers for your questions, learn new language free of cost from your friends around...well the list is endless.

...and so is the list of tips to be alive. I try to do these things everyday, at times I do feel bored, angry, irritated, but then I go back to this list and do whichever possible that very moment. It is human nature we might say to have such lousy feelings but we are wrong here. We are meant to be happy always and every single day of our lives. Its against nature to be not-happy. You can decide your day and your life....Only choice is yours!