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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Tabla Riyaz!!

Today I had a good long practice session of playing tabla,a long due exercise. It was fun experiencing all different combinations of kaydas and taals. I always have and had a fear of remembering those and playing them in the same order and thus was not able to make it a complete piece while playing. But recently I have developed a pattern of saying those in tune and ta-daaa...i know them well.

Tabla gives a perfect percussion for a musical piece making music all the more rhythmic. Its makes music feet tapping and worth nodding. Of course not that other instruments are less valuable in melody. Today while practicing I was constantly thinking about Ustaad Zakir Hussain. How flawless his hands move on tabla giving melodious sounds and so many variations. We just could not see his hands at times when he plays fast. He is completely lost in taals, kayadas, relaas and make us drench in the rain of music. That sure is a divine experience. How much efforts are put into it, that's what I realize when I practice. Playing just one piece flawless makes me sweat and tired. Hands feel numb and carpal tunnel is under stress :))....but sure a worth when once we get the result we want.

So today I was determined to sit for longer time for my Riyaz and at least pay a little tribute to such living legends who prove themselves an inspiration. Hats off Ustaad! May you be immortal just like your never fading glory to the world of music!!

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Ulka said...

Great! Keep up the dedication and hard work...