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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My words failed to say!!

My eyes closed, in a soft peaceful candle light, a wonderful soothing piece of music and room filled with heavenly aroma I was slowly slipping into a divine time. Relaxing all the muscles and tissues my body was about to undergo a complete massage, a complete rejuvenation. I surrendered myself to the beautiful experience releasing stress, pressures from my muscles, my tissues, my mind and my heart. My body was totally into manipulation of its own making itself free from the heaviness of the daily activities. I was giving away each and every red spot in my body making it filled with a golden light, making it feel healed, making it more and more strong.

The bath of aromatic lotions used for massage was so very mesmerizing that my body and mind are still stuck into the realm of fragrance. Every little particle of that aroma inhaled into my body was flowing freely inside making me more and more fresh, beautiful and invigorating. Every cell of mine was happy and functioning to the fullest now. I realised that my body and mind was restored and made full and complete. On completing the massage session every time I feel that our body really needs this pampering on regular basis. As we maintain the automobile and service it regularly , so should be done this as well.

I am so grateful to have given this gift on my birthday by my hubby. A so required gift certificate from this spa was a sure shot a heart winning gift :))....Each thought of mine is thanking him a ton times!!

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