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Friday, March 4, 2011

Some lost moments!!

I always feel that everyone in life is happy when they meet old contacts or lost friends. It is indeed a pleasure to get along with the time and make new friends and relations, but then why do we lose the old contacts in first place? No... now please don't give me the barriers like no time, different life patterns, no same thoughts, no same goals....its the same like past right now, but yet we feel good about getting in touch with the old relations.

The reason for this excerpt is I got re-connected with one of my cousins recently. It was so good to know his whereabouts, his life and changes in his life and same was his reaction...happy to re-connect. That made me think this, why in first place we lost the touch? what was the reason for that...again no reasons that are mentioned above. Or its a law of nature or as said in the spiritual world that every relationship has a time bound, when the connection time of one to another is over we lose the touch and again after the completion of a specific cycle we meet again. As we don't generally separate due to fight or grudge re-meeting is always a pleasurable experience.

How would it be if people did not lose their contacts at all? We will have such a big circle of friends, relatives, contacts, and we would be so strong in our lives. As human being is so much community oriented and would be happy to be together. Getting busy with the routines is a fine excuse for not being in touch and we are the only ones later finding time slots to spend time with the lost contacts. We make new friends, relations only to find these as old acquaintances in future...Life is surely a circle, a cycle of events, a wheel that takes us forward and backwards. It would be great if we stayed in touch with all the people we meet since childhood and take them along and be with them till the end of life. Geographical distance is not to be considered here. We can be close inspite of physical distance and yet close to heart with one another, or be distance apart even if staying under one roof. The matter is how we want to see it and want things to happen!!But never it happens as it should.

Well I am happy to get back one of my lost contacts! How abt u?

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Maan said...

well said Praj. Its little effort and willingness to do,is all we need.