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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The subconscious of conscious!!

Life full of events. Some good, some bad, some great and some sad. All these events get hooked to our mind and cling to our behavior. Then gradually our behavior finds a base on such experiences and we transfer our nature, our behavioral pattern accordingly. Whether this is right or wrong holds no meaning at all. As we are aware our past haunts us and we use that past to make the future assumptions. While doing this we forget the present. I always had a question in my mind....where does past reside in our body, in our mind? Well that led me to read lot of books to the related topics and now I can see some answers. Going through such studies helped me join the dots and make a better picture.

We all are aware of two minds that we have. One being conscious and other being subconscious. Superficially conscious mind plays a leading role in our daily activities. It drives the whole show. It is THE boss. Conscious mind captures the on going events, situations, experiences and people around making them in a bundle of pattern which we call it as life. But then later reading got more concepts unfold. The conscious mind is not the boss of life but is just a driver driven by the BIG BOSS. Now who is this big boss?

I will be writing about everything that I have read and would love to share it with you. I would be extremely happy to learn from you all as well about your views about these concepts and experiences. Lets all share our opinions and find solutions for the concerns, happenings in our life.

I am on a trial to re-unite our conscious and subconscious mind which has left apart over the period of time. An effort to live a better life, the one WE desire!