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Monday, March 29, 2010

Health Is Wealth!!

Mens sana in corpore sano….a healthy mind in a healthy body, is a phrase we know since we started understanding the language. This is a Latin phrase which shows that this principle was agreed or followed since a very long time. Such quotes are on the tip of our tongue and are used very liberally. But do we follow what we say? We just believe that a healthy body is required to hold a healthy life.

How many of us actually have a healthy life? With no bounds to the age I guess almost everyone has some or the other issue going on with his/her health. People of older generation I suppose were surely more healthy and fit than our generation. I might not be perfect in statistics but more than fifty percent of our generation and next are under some stress..mental as well as physical. Agreed the life style is hectic, everything is uncertain, life is at stake sometimes when you are on the road. But this gives me a chance to think more rigorously about doing exercise and being fit.

Inspite of knowing the benefits of exercise and fitness why do we embrace lazing around and being a couch potato. Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it. The other day I was watching a program on TV, a health and fitness program by Zonya Foco one of the top nutrition leader. During her show she gave wonderful information about how to maintain yourself fit with 8 habits to follow religiously. She was going on and on for two hours explaining the importance of the choices of food and reading labels on food while buying. We take food and our choices for so granted that we overlook some facts which we are already aware of. The show was extremely informative and I learned many things to follow in my life and to which I have now decided to stick.
In the end she talked about her motivation. How does she keep herself motivated all the time? She showed pictures of her mother who is 72 years old running a 10k marathon. These are pictures her mother sends her and she gets inspired all the time. Also she mentioned that there was lady who was 92 years old and completed a 5k marathon.

There was one more show which aired marathon and in which there were people who were suffering from severe diseases and yet could complete the race on determination. Some had cancer, some had paralysis, but recovered and got into the gear and won. Seeing all this makes me think of how granted we take our health and body. Think about the people who are not able to walk due to some unfortunate event, people who are less blessed, and we would be out of our sleep getting up and kicking us off to the track for a run.
So better late than never…get up guys and get going….health is the biggest asset so cherish it..!!

Die gestohlene Natur!

Frisches Wasser
Wissen wir nicht

Dichte wälder
Wissen wir nicht

Reine Luft
Was ist das?

Es gab Ruhe
Das war gesagt,

Wir haben alles gehört
Aber Nichts gesehen

“mama, es gab “Natur”,
Hast du das gesehen?
Kannst du das Zeigen?”

Erwidert mama…
Das war ein Schatz
Aber leider kaan ich
Nichts zeigen

Wir sind dafϋr verantwortlich
Wir sind doch daran schuldig!!


वटवृक्षाच्या सावलीखाली

बरीच माणसं निजायची

सगळ्या चिंता दूर सारून

निश्चिंत पणे सुखायची

वटवृक्षाच्या फांदीवर

अनेक पक्षी बसायचे

रणरणत्या उन्हापासून

लांब रहायला बघायचे

शांत सावलीची शाल पांघरून

सारेच ईथे विसावायचे

पण वटवृक्षाचा विचार मात्र

कधीच कोणी केला नाही

तळपत्या उन्हात सुधा

त्याला मात्र सावली नाही

म्हणूनच की काय कोण जाणे

वळवाचा पाउस यायचा

तेवढाच वटवृक्षाला सुखावून जायचा

शेवटी माणूस का दुसर्याचा विचार करणार

तिथे निसर्गच निसर्गाला तारणार !!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


That day I was going through my mails as any other day. A mail that was an outstanding bill, another showing some pictures sent by my friend, one just a forward from some friends and now I bumped into this mail from my share broker. I wouldn't have bothered much if it would have had a usual topic like 'stock market bullish", or "broker newsletter" or so, but the mail was addressed to me personally with the subject "our client in US"...haan interesting. So I opened not knowing what it would contain. The broker had mentioned about someone in US who was his client and was having some problem with the broker site and needs some help, and requesting me some help. I agreed to the mail saying that yes I would call this person mentioned in the mail and help if I can. And this is how I came across this new friend of mine Mr.Thatte. I dropped a formal mail saying that I would help out in case of problem. Then on we started exchanging mails related to our common topic how the broker site gives problems and why these people don't do anything about it and so on. Then we started exchanging forwards and good reads with each other. I started sending mails of common interest to Mr.Thatte, addressing him the same "Mr.Thatte". May be after a couple of months we exchanged phone numbers and once talked on phone. Thats it, it was just one time we talked, and again back to mails. But by then we had developed a good relation and wanted to share more things. Then we exchanged snaps to know to what face we were talking to. As I am the person who never wants to shoot in dark, I also wanted to know the face I was interacting with.

Along with the photograph I also received a write-up about where Mr.Thatte had been on his visit in America. The article written by him was so impressive and me being interested in reading got more closer to him and his writings. At that time I realised my new friend..or we can say email-friend was 68 years old. Till then no one could even doubt that age ever matters in a good friendship. I was more eager to talk and exchange mails on different topics and subjects. He has a flair for writing and I am interested in good reading. This need was matched and I became a regular follower of his mails and write-ups. Now this was going on virtually. No meeting in person. I had not seen him or met him personally. When he and Mrs.Thatte was back in India I handed over my parents his contact number and asked them to contact him. They met and had a good time. Then there was a whole new line of mails to be exchanged. Meeting my parents, their views, their topics and his views on the same. It was fun to read his mails and knowing that my friend is meeting my parents and yet stranger to me. During these mail give and take I never got to know when my address to him changed from Mr.Thatte to Thatte was only when I realised while typing a mail to him ,...I already had addressed him with more warm relation.

Last year I had a chance to visit India and this was one interesting event to look forward to. Meeting Thatte kaka and kaku. The couple to whom I was so close already that I always felt as if we had some much in common that we are in one family. Practically this was the feeling when I left for India. And the day arrived when we scheduled an informal meet at his place. I was all excited to meet, see, talk to kaka and kaku. Finally arriving at their doors was one of the most awaited event looked forward to. A strange friendship now turning into a family relation. I carried Mogra plant as gift with a whole thought that the fragrance of our friendship remains forever with us. Thatte kaka is one of kind person. A person with strong personality, strong principles. He is so updated with the reading that a book of any kind is already read by him. My knowledge about books and authors is pretty limited as compared to him. Name a book and he knows it. May it be any topic science, fiction, health, religion and what not. He has a varied collection of all types of books and he never says no to pick up anyone and take it home for reading. I have read so many good books just because of him and would continue to do the same. Not only books but movies is also a subject of his interest. English, marathi, hindi ...any type of movie and he will tell u whats in there. I also saw a few movies because of him and kaku. When back in India I sometimes use to feel down and low I use to call them and talk to them ....kaku use to tell me...Prajakta just relax, have a cup of hot steaming coffee and watch a nice rejuvenating movie...all will be fine."
I also exchanged many good recipes with kaku. I mean she gave me so many good ones, I have yet to try.

Kaka also motivates me in may aspects. I inspires me to write, he is the one who always has an ear to what I want to say and also says what needs to be done right. He is a good and strict follower of diets and exercise.I have seen that myself. And again that is one more thing I take from him. He not only will talk what u should do but would set an example by doing it by himself. I saw how strict he is with his regular diet and exercise regime...and that adds some motivation I need...

One remarkable thing about kaka kaku's relationship I like to admire is that even at this age both of them are totally in tune. In most of the mails kaka would appreciate kaku for some or the other thing, and would consider himself lucky to have her. Isn't that a real ideal relationship one should have? I would love mine to be the same.

This is one of the friends of course kaka and kaku whom I appreciate the most. So many things to learn from them and so many things to cherish. There are so very few people on this earth who impress others, who influence others, and yet are modest. They are the epitome of human life and this is no exaggeration. I would never ever miss a moment spending with such people.

Long live our friendship kaka n kaku there for me n forever!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coming To America!

I was busy working on my cut-throat deadlines in the office. Boss was almost up on the high as always. Everybody tensed was working under client pressure. We needed a break..a much desired one. A cup of hot steaming coffee, a stroll in the campus but no mercy when deadline is up. Just then I received a phone call from my husband and that very second I was floating in the air inspite of pressure on me. Had jitters all over my body. Not knowing what to do just sat in my seat already flying across the continents. Yes the phone call said my husband was to be in America within a month for a long term assignment and me to join him later in next month.
My dream was coming true. I always wanted to travel across. I want to be a globe totter,learning the cultures, languages, cuisines of different places. That was the reason I learnt German language. But visiting Germany is yet a distant dream. Never mind, at least one country to tick mark on my list. That day I returned from office with lots of thoughts in my mind. How would this experience be? would I be able to travel alone? How would I react the moment I would enter new place? What should I take along? So many thoughts filling up mind. Just waiting to meet my husband and dusting off the queries.

And the day arrived. After being apart for almost two months I was finally to board the plane to join my husband in a beautiful place called Portland...far west of America. I could even today practically feel tos butterflies n my stomach, my knees weakening, me sweating and full of anxiety before stepping into the plane. It was my first experience flying alone so far. Bidding goodbye planes to the tearful eyes of my parents boarded the plane taking along with me the eventful past and now getting ready for an unknown yet most awaited future. My halt was scheduled at Paris. Highly excited about practically stepping on the lands of fashion I climbed down from the plane. My next connecting flight was to fly about four hours later, but learnt that due to some unexpected event it was going to be late by eight hours. And that was the first shock of my journey.I didn't know what to do. Had no experience at all. I kept myself seated in the airport with a blank mind not knowing how to kill the time.

Those eight hours were the longest I ever experienced. I would feel my watch was at a complete stop and time was just reluctant to move. But finally as per the principle of everything has an end, my eight hours finally ended and I boarded another plane to land in Cincinnati, my first destination in my dreamland America. There after leaving the flight I again realized my next connection was again late by some hours just making my travel more and more miserable. The more my mind ran with the faster speed than jet the more late my plane would be. I started feeling claustrophobic in those walls of airport. I wanted to run wherever I could. I just wanted to move ahead. Then finally the last last flight available I sat in the plane to Portland.
All my eyes set on arrival stand already looking for my husband I dozed off to sleep after a long tiresome journey. At that time I just didn't want to think of anything. Wanted to put a full stop to my thought process and lie still.With the heavy head and sleepy eyes I got up to know that I was already on the airport ready to get out and meet my dream. I slowly collected myself and came out of plane my eyes going all around to find a known face. With mixed feelings I also came to know one of my bags was missing and had to track back what had happened. But I was least bothered as now I had another person with me to take care of my worries unlike all through the trip. Finally my lost bag, my impatiently waiting husband and myself came together. I just had no words to say anything. It was a feeling of winning the lost dream. I still have the feeling in my heart as back then. I still can smell as on airport the then....the rich taste of coffee which I didn't know back then the famous Starbucks. I still can feel the slight rain that I felt while getting down from the cab when arrived at our place. and would never forget the happy expression on my husband's face and his first words...."Welcome sweetheart to your dreamland.....!".....entire credit of fulfilling my dream goes to him!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

कळे ना!

हळुवार भावना त्या

थिजल्या कुठे कळेना,

अलवार स्वप्नं सारी

मिटली कुठे कळेना,

प्रेमाच्या गावा जावे

तर पाऊल का वळेना,

शांती ना जिवाला

मन स्थिर का वसेना,

प्रेमात पडावे परतुनी,

तर प्रियाही दिसेना


आयुष्यात काहीतरी करुन दाखवायचं. करिअरला अगदी प्राणापेक्षा महत्व द्यायचं, आणि यशाच्या शिखारापर्यंत पोहोचायचं, असं माझं स्वप्न. कहिहि झालं तरी आशा सोडायची नाहि, प्रयत्न कमी पडु द्यायचे नाहित. प्रायत्न जोरात चालु होते, पण स्वप्नपुर्ति च्या जवळपास पण मी नव्हते. मन खिन्न व्हायचं, आपल्या जवळ असलेल्या टेलेंटचं काय करायचं असे प्रश्न ऊभे रहायचे. त्यातुन लोकंच्या वेगवेगळ्या अपेक्षा आपल्याला पुर्ण करता येत नहित म्हणुन काहुरलेलं मन. किति किति म्हणुन सोसायचं, मनावर निराशेचं जणु मळाभ साठलेलं. निराश मनाचं प्रतिबिंब चेहर्यावर घेउन फ़िरायचं. चार लोक विचारयचे, अगदि आपलेपणाने "काहिच कसं घडत नाहि तुझ्या जीवनात?, कुठे तरी चुकत असशील मार्ग शोधायला.". पण हे आपले पणाने विचारलेले प्रश्न सुधा बोचयचे. अगदी कुणाला भेटु नाहि असं वाटायचं.

सुन्न झालेल्या मनाबरोबर मग मी चार गोष्टी करायच्या ठरवल्या. अंर्तमनात डोकावायचं ठरवलं. लोकं काहिहि बोलले तरी माझं मन मलाच ओळखायचं होतं. शेवटी माझं आयुष्य मलाच सावरायचं होतं. शांत नदिच्या काठि रम्य वातावरणात मी जाऊन बसले. सुखावणारा वारा मनावरचा ताण कमी करत होता, खळखळ पाण्याचा आवाज मनातले विचार मांडत होता. नीरगाठ सुटावीतशी मग माझ्या मनातील प्रश्नांच्य गाठी सईलसर होत होत्या. सरासर विचार मनाला हलका करत होता. काय हवं आहे आणि काय मिळणार आहे याचीं नीट मांडणी होत होती. ह्यातच मला जाणवलं, की मला बरच काही हवं आहे. आणि ते मला मिळत नाहि म्हणुन मन त्रासतय. त्याच क्षणी मला महारीर बुध्दांचा विचार आठवलां " माणसाच्या दुखाचां खरं कारण म्हणजे त्याने केलेल्या अपेक्षा". मगमाझ्या डोळ्यासमोर मी केलेल्या अपेक्षांचा डोंगर ऊभा राहीला. समाजात मला लोकांनी मान द्यावा हि अपेक्षा, मान मिळवण्यासाठी हवा असलेला पैसा, त्यासाठी वाट्टेल ती नोकरी करयाची तयरी, अगदि स्वाभिमान विकुन काम करण्याची तयारी, त्यात मला समाधान मिळत आहे का नाहि ह्याकडे झालेले दुर्लक्ष, का तर माझ्याकडुन माझ्याच लोकांनी केलेलि अपेक्षा. त्यामुळे अलेली निराशा आणि निराशेपाई घालवलेले माझा जीवन.

देवानं दिलेलं हे सुंदर जीवन मी वाया घलवू पहात होते. पण चार लोकांसारख साचेबध जीवन मला नको आहे. मला माणुस म्हणुन जगायचं आहे. मशीन वजा माणसाला आयुष्याच्या सुंदरतेची आणि निर्मळतेची काय चव. पुढे जायची ईछा माझी पण आहेच, पण म्हणुन माणुसकी आणि आपली माणसं मला मागे टाकायची नाहित, हे मला जाणवलं. फ़ुलपाखरा सारख आयुष्य मला भावतं. जीथे जाइल तिथे रंग़ बहरतं; त्याला जीवनात काहितरी करुन दाखावायची ईर्शा नसेल कदाचित, पण दुस्याना सुख देण्यात ते आपल्या पेक्षा नक्किच यशस्वी आहे. हळु हळु मी विचारातुन बाहेर येत होते, मनावरचा ताण कमी होत होता, मन हलकं वाटत होतं. अगदि फ़ुलासारखं. मी नदिकाठुन ठरवुनच उठ्ले. मला अता जीवन जगायचं नाही, तर ते फ़ुलवायचं आहे. भोवतालच्या फ़ुलांचा सुगंध घेउनच मी निघाले, माझ आयुष्य सुगंधी फ़ुलवण्यासाठी आणि माझ्या माणसांना आनंद देण्यासाठी.