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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy NewYear! 2011

New year is just next door and people are busy planning for the parties. Parties to welcome the coming year and bidding good bye to the year gone by, Whilst newspapers are full of instructions and news for spending the eve. Just went through the local papers for Pune and read that police force is taking extra care for the people celebrating new year party as they booze a lot and is a trouble for the society. I don't just understand that why parties always have to relate to booze and alcoholism. And specially those that need some kind of resolutions for new year, some extra efforts for us to make a new person, an improved individual and making life more and more comfortable more and more mature. Why should some police force be involved in making society or ourselves a good individual.

Well I may sound a bit orthodox while stating against alcohol. Sure have it but why not in limit? What is the point in celebrating the new year eve boozing so much that while driving it may be the end of life itself, then whats the point in welcoming new year if we are not going to be there at all to see that? Instead coming together and sharing the experiences of our own with friends,having fun together, enjoying mouth watering delicacies and resolute for new year where we want to be in future, sounds better to me. How can one resolute at all when the brains are totally fuzzy with alcohol, nope no way at all. Too much of anything is too bad....but who in this world understands the real meaning of life and its achievements....I know I might be a party pooper for many of those who are planning to totally booze this year...but sorry...this is how I am....

Quite frankly we should be thinking about all the values that one has to follow being a human being. The values which I mean are the ones not limiting to the culture, tradition or caste,but the values that a human being must follow to be a good citizen in the society. When we are kind of punished by the law for bad behaviour then what right we have to fight for our future? These thoughts definitely come to my mind when I read about the rave parties/ drunk and driving/ so called party bashes with hell of a chaos.

Well we are the ones making our own future and making our kids ready for it as well. So I personally think whether this is the example kids should have in front of them? Then going ahead we have to think twice ,I would say hundred times while expecting good returns from them. Think about it.

Happy new year!!

1 comment:

pallavii said...

seriously! I feel the same! But the story does not end just in drunk-driving..the authorities have in turn 'indirectly'encouraged drinking by making 'drivers' available for those 'nasheme dhut' public to drop them safely at their residence!!!!!!!!(though it is to avoid accidents!)