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Monday, March 29, 2010

Health Is Wealth!!

Mens sana in corpore sano….a healthy mind in a healthy body, is a phrase we know since we started understanding the language. This is a Latin phrase which shows that this principle was agreed or followed since a very long time. Such quotes are on the tip of our tongue and are used very liberally. But do we follow what we say? We just believe that a healthy body is required to hold a healthy life.

How many of us actually have a healthy life? With no bounds to the age I guess almost everyone has some or the other issue going on with his/her health. People of older generation I suppose were surely more healthy and fit than our generation. I might not be perfect in statistics but more than fifty percent of our generation and next are under some stress..mental as well as physical. Agreed the life style is hectic, everything is uncertain, life is at stake sometimes when you are on the road. But this gives me a chance to think more rigorously about doing exercise and being fit.

Inspite of knowing the benefits of exercise and fitness why do we embrace lazing around and being a couch potato. Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it. The other day I was watching a program on TV, a health and fitness program by Zonya Foco one of the top nutrition leader. During her show she gave wonderful information about how to maintain yourself fit with 8 habits to follow religiously. She was going on and on for two hours explaining the importance of the choices of food and reading labels on food while buying. We take food and our choices for so granted that we overlook some facts which we are already aware of. The show was extremely informative and I learned many things to follow in my life and to which I have now decided to stick.
In the end she talked about her motivation. How does she keep herself motivated all the time? She showed pictures of her mother who is 72 years old running a 10k marathon. These are pictures her mother sends her and she gets inspired all the time. Also she mentioned that there was lady who was 92 years old and completed a 5k marathon.

There was one more show which aired marathon and in which there were people who were suffering from severe diseases and yet could complete the race on determination. Some had cancer, some had paralysis, but recovered and got into the gear and won. Seeing all this makes me think of how granted we take our health and body. Think about the people who are not able to walk due to some unfortunate event, people who are less blessed, and we would be out of our sleep getting up and kicking us off to the track for a run.
So better late than never…get up guys and get going….health is the biggest asset so cherish it..!!

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