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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coming To America!

I was busy working on my cut-throat deadlines in the office. Boss was almost up on the high as always. Everybody tensed was working under client pressure. We needed a break..a much desired one. A cup of hot steaming coffee, a stroll in the campus but no mercy when deadline is up. Just then I received a phone call from my husband and that very second I was floating in the air inspite of pressure on me. Had jitters all over my body. Not knowing what to do just sat in my seat already flying across the continents. Yes the phone call said my husband was to be in America within a month for a long term assignment and me to join him later in next month.
My dream was coming true. I always wanted to travel across. I want to be a globe totter,learning the cultures, languages, cuisines of different places. That was the reason I learnt German language. But visiting Germany is yet a distant dream. Never mind, at least one country to tick mark on my list. That day I returned from office with lots of thoughts in my mind. How would this experience be? would I be able to travel alone? How would I react the moment I would enter new place? What should I take along? So many thoughts filling up mind. Just waiting to meet my husband and dusting off the queries.

And the day arrived. After being apart for almost two months I was finally to board the plane to join my husband in a beautiful place called Portland...far west of America. I could even today practically feel tos butterflies n my stomach, my knees weakening, me sweating and full of anxiety before stepping into the plane. It was my first experience flying alone so far. Bidding goodbye planes to the tearful eyes of my parents boarded the plane taking along with me the eventful past and now getting ready for an unknown yet most awaited future. My halt was scheduled at Paris. Highly excited about practically stepping on the lands of fashion I climbed down from the plane. My next connecting flight was to fly about four hours later, but learnt that due to some unexpected event it was going to be late by eight hours. And that was the first shock of my journey.I didn't know what to do. Had no experience at all. I kept myself seated in the airport with a blank mind not knowing how to kill the time.

Those eight hours were the longest I ever experienced. I would feel my watch was at a complete stop and time was just reluctant to move. But finally as per the principle of everything has an end, my eight hours finally ended and I boarded another plane to land in Cincinnati, my first destination in my dreamland America. There after leaving the flight I again realized my next connection was again late by some hours just making my travel more and more miserable. The more my mind ran with the faster speed than jet the more late my plane would be. I started feeling claustrophobic in those walls of airport. I wanted to run wherever I could. I just wanted to move ahead. Then finally the last last flight available I sat in the plane to Portland.
All my eyes set on arrival stand already looking for my husband I dozed off to sleep after a long tiresome journey. At that time I just didn't want to think of anything. Wanted to put a full stop to my thought process and lie still.With the heavy head and sleepy eyes I got up to know that I was already on the airport ready to get out and meet my dream. I slowly collected myself and came out of plane my eyes going all around to find a known face. With mixed feelings I also came to know one of my bags was missing and had to track back what had happened. But I was least bothered as now I had another person with me to take care of my worries unlike all through the trip. Finally my lost bag, my impatiently waiting husband and myself came together. I just had no words to say anything. It was a feeling of winning the lost dream. I still have the feeling in my heart as back then. I still can smell as on airport the then....the rich taste of coffee which I didn't know back then the famous Starbucks. I still can feel the slight rain that I felt while getting down from the cab when arrived at our place. and would never forget the happy expression on my husband's face and his first words...."Welcome sweetheart to your dreamland.....!".....entire credit of fulfilling my dream goes to him!!

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