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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rejoice the gift of present!

The gap filled in the days for me and I was busy in routine chores keeping myself unknowingly away from my writing. My subconscious was busy hinting me to write but my conscious was wandering off in noland. Gap had a big job of filling these days by nothingness.

Well so getting back to our effort of getting the two minds connected and work for us in union, here is to state what we think within is shown out there. Many great thinkers have quoted about the power of within and the power of our minds.
"Bring into play the almighty power within you, so that on the stage of life you can fulfill your high destined role.".-Paramahansa Yogananda

Believe me, whenever I used to read or listen to such quotes I used to take it like a motivational speech, where the orator tells us not to give up the efforts towards our goals. I used to think over it and try to implement it, but with conscious effort, with the help of conscious mind. Most of the times such talks are a waste to hear according to me if we are not ready to absorb them with our subconscious mind. If we could activate our subconscious then the absorption becomes so effortless and the results are wonderful. Woah..that dosen't mean I am in a state of getting miracles left and right. I still need to activate my subconscious in order to grasp each and every thing going around.

Recently I read a book recommended by one of my dear friends which was really amazing. It added to my knowledge all those essentials required for activating the subconscious mind. Its like when we say, its good to listen to our hearts once in a while. Our mind and heart gives inspirations. Inspirations come to us when we are pure at heart, which means we are in a totally receptive mode, which says our subconscious is active. We hear many people say, ' follow your heart' which is so true. Its just not a statement to be made, but to live, to implement. Anything coming from heart is pure and thus miraculous. This is possible only when we live in present moment.

According to the great personality Louise Hay, the power lies within the present moment, this has also been said since many years. Lets pay acute attention to the present moment and receive all that's passing by. Lets make an effort to "be there" at that moment and rejoice in "the present time". This is one of the ways to be with "the self'" and unleash the powers within. Present moment is where the subconscious resides, conscious mind is like a brat wandering back and forth.

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