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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Being "in-spirit" .

WE have words personified for ourselves. What does that mean? It means we think of some word and has an image of a person we know to whom we can wear it. All the adjectives that we know could be related to all the people we know. We know happy people, we know healthy people, we know irritating people and we know serene ones too. Similarly when I think of the word "Inspiration" the name comes to my mind is Dr.Wayne Dyer. I just happened to read his book named "Inspiration". Its a wonderful book penned by him as always. He is a real motivational writer and a follower too.

He insists on being "in-spirit" all the time. Being connected to self, as being in-the-vortex according to Esther and Jerry Hicks. Is it really possible to be connected to self all the time? Yes, comes to my mind. In this world of chaos, agony our mind is yet so powerful that it can find and maintain its place to its highest peaceful level. How so? Just be with it and we know. This does not mean sad, angry situations wont happen around. But if we are connected to ourselves within then these circumstances wont create a whirlpool within us. Being in dialogue with ourself always helps us to analyze the situation on a very rational ground, as our mind is never biased and hence can make a perfectly right analysis.

Being connected to self helps us focus on what is good for us in terms to be happy. This feeling never lets us down in our behaviour and acts. It never judges people based on their behaviour and actions. One can truly be at peace when being connected. Initially it is difficult to gather self and get on track, as our mind is like a vagabond. But this could be practised and mastered too. Meditation is one method which helps us to slow down our thought prcoessing machine and take some time to really think and act. The power of forgiveness as one of the technique also helps us in order to get one with self in Dr. Dyer's words "let go let God!". We dont need to use our time and efforts in analyzing a person and his behaviour. Its better left to our higher self. We are here just to enjoy our time and our actions. "Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances."- Dr. Dyer.

I am so happy to have read this book. I highly recommend you all to at least give it a try. Nothing to lose.!

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