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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The subconscious of conscious- Part III

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark. -Swami Vivekananda.

So very rightly said and yet we do the same. Swami Vivekananda was a visionary and hence could quote such a statement. He believed in his thought process and set an example for us. Continuing with our journey of re-union we dig further to our thought level. As we were saying whether we really think about what we do or not still remains unanswered. Do we think positive? We are taught since childhood that we should always think positive. Be good to others, which I see again as a way of thinking positive. But what we lack according to me is what exactly it is to think positive. And how do we do that? At what level? We need to introduce such process at at early age of a child to see the miracle happening in his/her later life. Well that could be an altogether different topic to talk about.

Consciously we can sure make an effort to be positive and remain happy. But then subconscious will never leave us if it is unattended. A nice way to know the functions of our two minds is to think of it as a garden. We as gardeners need to plant the seeds of thought in our subconscious mind. These seeds will grow into beautiful flowers in the form of your actions. Thought is action, thought is destiny. We are what we think the whole day.

If we give a mindful effort to the day's thought process, it will be seen that we keep on sowing seeds of thoughts that are so varied. Some thoughts are good, which is a perfect thought process, some are bad while some are wasted thoughts. We should be really aware of what kinds of thoughts our mind is processing. No need to say we are the creators of those. When our mind thinks correctly, when we understand the truth then these thoughts are deposited into our subconscious mind and lead to miraculous results.

To be able to see our thoughts we need to connect to our subconscious which is possible only when our conscious mind is not active. Sure they work together but at different time zones! To get connected with the subconscious we need to relax and slow down from our daily chores. We need to breathe fully and completely. Now some might say "don't we breathe fully, then how are we alive"? But if we see closely our breathing is not deep as it should be. Its halfway many a times. People who have done Yoga at some point of time will know that we are told to breathe deeply many a times during the session, and that's the effort to get connected to the subconscious. Close our conscious world to open for subconscious. The technique recommended by one of my great acquaintances, who is a super-human according to me, is to take five deep breathes after every three to four hours. Try this technique and see if you can at least get closer to your inner world.

Try being aware of what you think for today ...and lets see what is in-store next...


Supriya said...

True. I agree!


Thnx sups..for all the comments..and taking interest in my blog...also went thru urs...will read more on ur blog too...:D keep it up

Diane said...

Lovely post, Praj! Once I truly grasped the power of my thoughts, the assumptions I held about my entire world changed. There was an immediate sense of both comfort and fear that, yes, I'm in charge! Energy follows thought. Let us all be mindful of the thoughts we think and the energy we transmit to the world. Wishing you peace and joy this coming year. Warm regards, Diane Petrella