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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Communication....with kids..!

Talking to children sometimes is really tiresome or most of the times it is…. Yesterday I had the same conversation with my three year old daughter . When she came home from day care I was not able to find her tiffin in the bag. Usually it wont happen that way as the aunty in day care puts everything in the bag while leaving.

But yesterday it was not the case.

Me: Kim I am not getting your tiffin in the bag.

Kim: whyyyy??

Me: What “whyyyy”…why is your tiffin box not in the bag?

Kim: I don’t know.

Me: What do you mean by that? Did you have your lunch?

Kim : Yes I did.

Me: Then after eating did aunty put the box in the bag?

Kim: Yes.

Me: But then I cant find it.

Kim: Whyyy?

Me: I don’t know. Did you put the lunch box in someone else’s bag?

Kim: We all ate lunch together. (Well what was this?)

Now this was taking on my nerves.

Me: OK. You all had lunch together and then…?

Kim: Then we played. And Nandan had time out.

Me: Why did he have time out. Was he having your tiffin box?

Kim: I don’t know. Nandan, Neha and myself play together.

Aaahhhh..this was heading somewhere else. Don’t know where….

Me: Sweetie, last time I am asking where is your tiffin box?

Kim: I don’t like tiffin.

Me: I know that, but where is it?

Kim: Give me big strawberries in tiffin tomorrow.

Me: Sure I will, but first I have to find out where the box is right? So tell me where the box is?

Kim: Why are you asking me so many questions? We will get new tiffin box.

Me: (totally frustrated) Forget it I wont give you your favourite fruits in tiffin from tomorrow as we don’t have tiffin box.

Kim: I have pink tiffin box.

Me: WHERE??????

Kim: In the refrigerator.

Me: In the refrigerator? What is your lunch box doing in aunty’s refrigerator?

Kim: Mamma, not in aunty’s refrigerator, in our refrigerator.


Kim: Yes, I kept the box in our refrigerator before leaving as the rice was too hot in it  ….

Then I ran out to see in the refrigerator and there it was sitting nicely on the lower rack…….

Me: Then whose lunch you had?

Kim: Nandan’s.

Me: And whose box was put in the bag by aunty?

Me: Neha’s.

I had no words……

1 comment:

Ulka said...

this is hilarious ! AISA BHI HOTA HAI YAARON!