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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10,000 B,C

Recently I happened to see a good movie named 10,000 B.C, a Warner Bros. film directed by Roland Emmerich. The subject revolves around the hunter tribe called Yagahl. A tribe residing far away in some remote mountain range.The film effectively shows how the tribe survives from the then dangerous animals and lives in groups. The Yagahl s also face the attack of some other strange people and finally survive. There is one old wise woman called mother in the film that tells the future prophecy and can see the times ahead through her third eye. Finally the yagahl tribe survives but faces a sad departure of wise mother who helps giving her life to the future of the tribe who is All the scenes in the movie are very appropriate. The story flows in a sequence and nicely knits the scenes. There are no unwanted shots and exposures in the film.I liked this film especially because it makes me think about the human being who tries to survive and save his group, his community. It has been in the blood of humans to stay in groups and be a part of one. This film is a very good example of the same. This is the case since ages. But then why are we not the same right now? Why don t we strive to be together? Why do we fight amongst ourselves for nothing? This reminds me of one very meaningful scene in the film where a tiger, a huge tiger gets stuck somewhere in the water and the hero of the film saves his life. Later when the hero is in trouble this tiger comes forward and saves the hero, a returning favor done to him earlier. This teaches us that even animals are grateful to us. They would never let us down when in trouble. This film has raised many queries in my mind which have no answers. Each one should watch this film and see what the tribe goes through to survive in such adverse situations. This is possible only if we work together as a group and without pampering false pride which is larger than life today.All in all a good film, a different topic and thought provoking!!

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