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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Swimming always fascinated me since childhood and I always wanted to swim for sure. But unfortunately I just had no guts back then to enter the pool and throw myself off in water. I always had the fear of drowning like any other non-swimmer would have. My dad took lot of efforts to teach me swimming but in vain. Since then it remained a dream unrealized. Even if it remained a dream which could not come true my desire to do so was still alive. The instinct that one needs to do a certain thing was still there within me. Whenever I was at pool with my family and friends I saw myself floating on water happily, but entering in water and floating practically required a bit of nerve.

Last summer my husband compelled me to enter the pool and dragged me inside. He knew how much I loved it and yet feared it. I was at the highest decibel of my voice shouting for help and he was the one dragging me all the more down in it. I had all emotions that might kill a person like anger, hatred, fury and what not, but he kept on pulling me till the point I felt extremely comfortable in water. That moment I lost the fear of water and started liking it. Then no looking back I kept on trying till date. Not that I am an expert swimmer now but sure can float on water of course with a noodle...initially I used all the available noodles on the pool leaving absolutely not a single one back for others. Now I can manage with one :) (others sure are happy now that they get their noodles back ;)).

Learning from this I sure want to encourage others if possible to go into ventures that they dream for. It sure is fun. Surpassing initial fear takes a bit of toll, but later the joy of conquering our own fears is unfathomable. Take one step at a time and it becomes easy. Just put your heart to it and your body will follow it is said and it happens that way!

Now I can float on water without help, one day I will be a good swimmer and my heart is already in process to make my dream come true :D!

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